Attracting foreign patients

It is one of the 17 new growth engine industries established by the government to lead the global healthcare market with Korea's excellent medical technology with international competitiveness and use it as a driving force for the next generation of national development.
In order to promote the use of domestic medical institutions by foreign patients, the tour list provides convenience related to medical treatment such as appointment, contract signing, proxy, provision of medical information for foreign patients, transportation and accommodation.

One-stop medical tourism consultation

We provide safer and more reliable Seoul Medical Tourism services through one-stop consultation on the entire medical tourism process from arrival to medical institution to departure.

Providing healthcare information

You can use Korean medical institutions more quickly and easily through medical service counseling and reservation information for each medical course of the tourist cooperative medical institution.

Support for medical institutions attracting foreign patients

The tourist establishes a staff pool of 92 medical tourism coordinators from 10 languages to support coordinators to medical institutions in Korea, and also provides foreign patient pickup services to cooperative medical institutions.