HanaTour Premium Road Shop

Hana Tour is a Hall Sale travel company that develops and plans travel packages and provides various travel packages to customers.
Among the various channels sold to customers, about 1,000 offline channels nationwide (as of the end of 2019) are available for customers to book and take care of Hana Tour's products. Among them, "Hana Tour Suwon Gwanggyo Branch" is the No. 1 travel agency in the country.

The first premium Hana Tour Shop in the metropolitan area

Suwon Gwanggyo Branch is the first Hana Tour premium road shop in the metropolitan area, and you can experience differentiated services.

Travel Specialized Consulting for Veteran Counselors

Korea's representative travel package, Hana Tour, can be consulted anywhere in the world through professional travel consulting by veteran counselors, and we will fully take care of and take responsibility for customers' questions, including global air tickets for business trips, free travel, and hotel reservation consulting.

Rest, convenience space and information for VIP customers

For the convenience of customers, we provide a cafe-like rest area, and for the vivid information of the destination, there are tour agency briefing sessions, travel writers briefing sessions, and travel promotion B2C events. In addition, we are doing our best to meet various customer needs by providing travel items provided by Hana Tour Shop at special prices that can be purchased on-site.

Hana Tour Premium Road Shop Suwon Gwanggyo Branch Counseling/Reservation Privileges


You'll get a lot of presents just for the consultation!

Multi-adaptor or nail clipper set present


Bigger benefits for booking a trip!

New World Gift Certificate Presentation (Differential payment for each product)


Airport VIP departure or fruit basket service braking depending on travel area

  • Privilege application period Until December 31, 2021 (until product exhaustion)
  • Target All over the country